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Meet the Team

Kieran Packman - Head of Timeform (Director)

Kieran has led the Timeform business day-to-day since May 2012 and is responsible for strategic development, product direction and engaging with stakeholders across the industry. Kieran has a BA in Marketing & Communication and as a graduate took part in the BHA Development Programme, prior to roles at Tattersalls and Totesport.


Nigel Townsend - Head of Operations & Delivery (Director)

Nigel was born on the same day Lester Piggott rode a treble at Goodwood and he has followed horseracing almost ever since. During over twenty-five years at Timeform he has worked in editorial, product development and marketing roles and as Head of Operations & Delivery is responsible for ensuring all our customers receive what they are expecting when they are expecting it.


Gill O'Rourke - B2B Partnerships Manager

Gill joined Timeform in August 2017 and is based out of Dublin. As B2B Partnerships Manager, she works with retail and online bookmakers who are interested in Timeform’s premium data and content. Previously, Gill worked in business development roles in both New York and San Francisco in the internal trade and development industry.


Mark Powell-Bevan - Head of Acquisition & Content

Mark joined Timeform straight from University in 2005 and has gained experience right across the business, having started out in Editorial as an all-weather reporter. Mark now heads up the Online Content, Publications, Marketing and Business Development teams, focusing on delivering high-quality products and growing Timeform’s brand and customer reach.